Thursday, May 7, 2009


Stephen was in kind of a tight spot. He had angered the religious
leaders of the day with a history-based diatribe that ended with him
accusing them of not obeying the law and them standing around him and
gnashing their teeth.

In this position the seemingly wise thing to do would be to bite your
tongue. Not Stephen. Instead, he proclaims that he sees Jesus in
heaven standing next to God. (Which admittedly would be hard to keep
to yourself.)

This just makes things worse.
As the stones rain down on him, Stephen asks God to forgive them.

When things get tougher for Stephen, he draws closer to God in thought
and action.
Why do we so often push away?
Why is quiet time the first thing we cut to make time?
Why is God the last person we turn to for help?

Our struggles should push us closer to God, not tear us away.

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