Monday, July 13, 2009


So, there was a Riot in Ephesus, fueled by the loss of profits from the sale of Artemis statues because people were leaving the worship of Greek gods to follow Paul's preaching and worship Yahweh. Some of Paul's companions were seized and taken into the public theater, where mass confusion ruled. The crowd of people shouted and screamed, but some of them didn't even know why they were there. It had become a riot for the sake of having a riot.

In the midst of this, Paul wanted to get up and address the crowd. He wanted to let his voice be heard, talk some sense into them, witness to them, preach the good news. He wanted to reason with an angry mob. A mob who had just accosted two of his companions. A mob that didn't even remember why they were there, just that they were angry and shouting.

Heads cooler than Paul's prevailed.

They talked him out of rushing into a bad situation.
Do we always let the same thing happen?

Do we see a situation or a problem and rush in, or do we listen to the council of others?
"I can handle this, I've done it before, just let me try..."

Do we see what we are good at as the solution to every problem?
"I'm really good with this hammer; I bet I can use it to drive in this screw..."

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