Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No water --> new friends & opportunities
No food --> unlimited food
Death --> resurrection

Elijah's life could be seen as an ongoing list of problems, obstacles and obstructions. But nothing stops him. Nothing gets in his way. With God's help, each of these problems is turned into an opportunity - a way for God to show His power and control.

What are the problems or obstacles in my life? How can I turn them into God's opportunities? What (besides my point of view) is the difference between a problem and an opportunity?


  1. I love the word "Probletunities"! You asked, "How can I turn them into God's opportunities?" but I think it's not our responsibility to turn problems into God's opportunities. I think God does that all on His own, we just have to be willing to listen to what He has to say. Is my thinking off?

  2. I probably should have said, "How can we get out of God's way..."