Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Social Commentary

I usually try to stay away from Pop Culture. Truth is, I don't know all that much about it and I have a little bit of a fear of embarrassing myself, particularly when it comes to the music business. But, every once in a while I'll spy something that sticks out to me. Yesterday was one
of those days. The juxtaposition of these two headlines/links was jarring to me.

I understand that the gift "Diddy" gave his son was as much of a business expense as anything. It was broadcast on an MTV show for millions of potential record buyers to see. (Does Diddy still record songs that other people already sang or is he just a producer now?)

What does it say about our society that this gesture is more powerful than the one that Radiohead made? (I did notice that Radiohead is helping give other people's money away and not their own, but still...) Do we covet riches that much, even in the face of tragedy? Do we still worship excess when we are faced with images of death and destruction every day? Are we that good at tuning out the bad and seeing what we want to?

Maybe it's just a generational thing. It seems some apples fall further from the tree and some chips aren't right off the old block. (Notice the second line in the article's actual headline.)

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  1. Well George..."Pop Culture" is really an oxymoron you see, as true culture is almost never popular and anything popular never really becomes cultural in the end.

    I'm Black Irish.

    We go to 3 day wake funerals like some people go to Superbowl games.

    Sooo, I grew up thinking (or at least my thinking basically grew up at age 6...it's really the same thing for me...sigh...) that whatever you could line your coffin with - two sides naturally with YOU in the middle - was really all that was important to care about materially...

    Soooo, at the wise old age of 6, I decided two things: my Barbie-doll collection on the one side and dollar bills (Heh, Barbie's used to be cheap in the 60s ya know!) on the other side, to buy MORE Barbie's in Heaven, of course!

    Always the jaded personality even then, I was taking NO CHANCES assuming that Barbie's would be free up in Heaven, better to be safe than sorry, right?

    Well, I'm 45 years old now, and for the life of me, and the stupidity with which people pray to the God of Money, I wasn't far from the truth at age 6 nor can I really substitute those two items from my coffin, even to this day...

    I psychologically peaked at age 6...and quite likely most North Americans did too...sadly...

    But damn if I won't have a kick-ass Barbie-doll collection when I kick It!!! (tee hee)

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