Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solid Foundation

If I want to lay a foundation in any area of my life, my personal foundation has to be firm. So, what does that mean? I've been to the gym every other day since Christmas (but my wife makes my look bad by jumping on the Wii Fit every day), so that's a start. But If I want to really build a foundation, I've got to go deeper than a couple miles on the treadmill.

I've never read the Bible. Okay, that's misleading. I've read every part of the Bible at some point, but never systematically gone through the whole thing. I think it's about time. So, I'm doing the M'Cheyne reading plan on YouVersion.com. It's a plan to read through the Bible in 1 year. Specifically, it is to read the OT once and the NT & Psalms twice. There are a few reasons why I'm doing it with YouVersion and why I'm doing this plan.

First, by using YouVersion I can read anywhere - from a paper and ink Bible, from my computer or from my phone and I can keep track of what I've read from my computer or my phone. (This is important later.) On my phone or computer I can also switch versions (to start I'm sticking with ESV, but that could change).

The M'Cheyne plan does small chunks of different parts of the Bible, instead of big chunks. Call me a heathen, but reading multiple chapters in certain parts of Numbers or Chronicles can really make it tough for me to stay motivated. One chapter mixed with chapters from other places is more doable.

The electronic version of this plan also lets you customize things. If I really get into reading a particular part of scripture, I can keep going and record that I read several chapters. The electronic version will let me record that reading and modify the plan accordingly. (The same goes if it takes me a little longer to get through certain sections.)

Finally, YouVersion will hold me accountable. I'll get emails if I'm not up to date on my reading to remind me to get back on track. There's also the option to share this accountability with someone else, so you can keep each other on track. Anybody else want to work on their foundation with me this year?

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  1. I'd never heard of YouVersion until today. It's great! Thanks for the source. :)