Monday, October 18, 2010

David v. Solomon

Two kings, father and son, two men who grew and advanced what was at the time the greatest nation on earth. Two leaders who took care of their people. Two completely different stories.

In David's story we see the highs (Goliath, treating Saul right) and the lows (Bathsheba, his family falling apart around him). In Solomon's case we really only see the good stuff. He asked for wisdom instead of power and was given both. He ruled in a time of peace and expanded the kingdom. He built the Temple for God.

If you were to compare the accomplishments and failures of the two men as found in Kings, Solomon would come out on top. He didn't live in the chaos that David did. He never hid in a cave from his enemies. He was never forced to resort to acting like a madman so he could find shelter. He didn't have to deal with one of his sons raping one of his daughters or another son nearly taking over his kingdom. We don't hear about him murdering a man and stealing his wife or getting others to cover up his dirty deeds.

Yet, "his heart was not wholly true to the Lord his God, as was the heart of David his father."

Solomon was a winner. Everything in his life seemed perfect.
David was a fighter. Everything in his life was a struggle.

Too often we praise winners and think that fighters have done something wrong. Why is their life so hard, why can't they figure things out, why can't they just get past their issue?

Despite all the fighting he did, it was David who had God's heart.
Despite all the blessings he had, it was Solomon who turned away.

Or was it because of David's heart for God that he had to fight so much?
In a fallen world, will a heart like God's lead to what seems like constant struggle.

Will we someday find a heaven full of fighters and nearly devoid of winners?

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