Tuesday, December 8, 2009


B is a woman who's had it rough. She grew up in circumstances beyond what many of us could even imagine. Her father was a wizard in the KKK. Her mother was a snake handler. She's had way too many run-ins with both of these groups.

The KKK taught her about hate. The snake-handlers taught her that love has to be earned and then proved. She ran from both of these lies and found more of the same. She was given an ultimatum: 10% to be part of the one true church or leave. She left. She's struggled her whole life.

This week she said, "Since I came here, nobody's judged me. And nobody's asked me for nothing, except for me to come back. I like that."

So do I.
Well done Parkside, well done.

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  1. I talked with students this morning about what the message of Jesus was. They came up with His Kingdom Coming to Earth, Love and Salvation. Jesus knew what his message was, and its simple. We make it complicated and we make it something that its not.