Monday, December 21, 2009

Plenty of room

What if there was room in the inn?

Every year, millions of people put together little nativity scenes in their houses or big ones outside their houses or churches or town halls. The tell-tale structure for almost all of these is a simple structure that represents a stable. You'll see four poles with a simple slanted roof or a peaked roof supported by a simple wall and two columns. From there, the cast of shepherds and kings and donkeys and cows and camels and sheep spill out onto the surrounding land.

What if there was room in the inn?

God took an obstacle, the crush of people returning to Bethlehem to be taxed, and turned it into an opportunity. We celebrate the simple beginnings of the savior. It shows his humility and his character. It shows his desire to relate to anyone and everyone. It shows his lack of regard for what humanity considers success and power. It shows his predilection for using the worst of circumstances to create something beautiful.

What obstacles are in my life this Christmas season?

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