Monday, June 15, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It seems that every so often Christians hear the old refrain, "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?". It is one of those questions that seems to never have a good enough response. I'm not going to offer one, either.

I think that this is a question we will always have and one that has always been around. Jesus had three main compatriots when he was on earth. Peter, James and John were the three who were always by his side, the three he took with him to pray, the three he seemed to be grooming in a more intentional way than the rest of the twelve. John went on to write a few books, including a gospel and Revelation. Peter preached the sermon at Pentecost and became the de facto head of the early church. What happened to James?

According to Acts 12:2, Herod had him put to death with a sword. The account is very matter-of-fact and not filled with daring or supernatural intervention.

Seeing the gleeful reaction of the Jews, Herod decides to do the same to Peter and has him imprisoned and guarded by 16 soldiers. This was obviously not nearly enough, because when the angel showed up, they just walked right out to freedom.

My question is: Where was James' angel? Where was his supernatural rescue? Where was God's loving protection for John's brother? Why did Jesus spend the time with him, only to have him die? Why were Peter and John spared, but James was not?

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