Wednesday, June 24, 2009

People Pleasing

Paul meets Timothy and says, "Hey, we should mentor this guy."
What's the first thing they do? They circumcise him. Huh? I thought the whole circumcision thing was old-covenant and no longer necessary. I thought Paul threw a fit over people saying gentiles had to be circumcised. What is going on?

Paul is choosing his battles. He knows that they will face opposition from the Jews in the places they will go. He knows Timothy will need access to Jews and their places of worship in the future. He knows that this is not the place for that fight.

Circumcision was not necessary, but it didn't do any harm. (So to speak.)
If being circumcised would make Timothy's job easier, why not? Paul's goal was not to correct thinking about circumcision, it was to preach the gospel to the gentiles. If having circumcised compatriots made this easier, then so be it.

Our job is to make disciples. We should be doing whatever it takes to make that happen.
If that means circumcision, so be it.
If that means wearing a tie, so be it.
If that means never wearing a tie, so be it.
If that means loving people you don't feel like loving, you should be doing that anyway.
If that means hanging out in a coffee shop when you don't drink coffee, so be it.
If that means talking to strangers, so be it.
If that means babysitting Jr. High Know Sweat Kids, so be it.
If that means...

What else do you have to add?

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