Tuesday, June 1, 2010

But God, people will think I'm Crazy

What are "acceptable" things for God to ask us to do? In some areas, it depends who you ask.

Fast for a _________ ( meal, day, week month)?
That's crazy! OR That's all...why not 40 days?

Sleep less to spend time in God's word?
That's crazy! OR That's the smartest time-management ever.

Give away a hefty hunk of cash?
That's crazy! OR You'll never feel more a part of what God is doing.

Quit your job?
That's crazy! OR You mean you haven't done that yet?

Tear off your loincloth and sandals and walk naked for 3 years?
That's crazy! OR So, you've got an important message for Egypt like Isaiah did, huh?

Change what people call "church"?
That's just crazy!

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