Wednesday, June 16, 2010


"Don't overdo it."

We live in a society where overdoing it has become the norm. It isn't enough to play soccer (or basketball or baseball or any other sport), you've got to start on the U3 team and progress up to a travel team and then a select travel team (while at the same time playing for the club team the school's coach runs) just as a way to make the varsity team and then...

It seems that everything we do has the tendency to pull us in, to demand more and more of our time and resources, to suck as much from us as it can.

That isn't to say that any of these things are inherently bad. Many times in moderation, they are good. But, when we over do it, when we let them pull us in and give over more than we should, they become poison. They separate us from what is truly valuable in life, they slowly, silently tear us apart.

What is most important? What is worth giving your life to?

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