Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Away

I have a friend who first tried to run away from home at the age of four. He packed up all his belongings in his little suitcase and headed off down the road. As would happen repeated times in the future, he encountered something that sent him home again... money for ice cream, large bugs, finally reaching the corner. These were all obstacles too big to overcome.

He loved his parents and his siblings, he wasn't trying to escape. He simply knew his life was bigger than the tiny town where he was growing up. Now he's far from home and doing his part to change the world. He wasn't really running away, he was running to.

Running away is something entirely different. Running away is trying to escape. It is trying to avoid. It is chickening out. It is backing down. It is giving up. It is quitting.

We've all done it. We run into something that's too big or too scary or too different from what we've known and we decide we can't handle it. We give up the pursuit, we let the dream remain just a dream.

So, how do we keep from running away? How do we succeed in making dreams reality? How do we obtain the ice cream money, brave the giant insects and know which turns to make? We don't.

Dreams aren't the stuff of well thought out plans and perfect strategies. They are the result of faith, determination and partnership. When God is behind your dreams, He's the one who provides, who protects, who plans.

He puts the people in your path who help you along, he provides the strength and endurance, and if we pay attention he even tells us which way to turn.

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