Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hitting Close to Home

So, this morning I wrote a few things about suffering. Not because I really felt like suffering, but because that was what spoke to me. A few hours later I'm faced not with my suffering, but with the suffering of a dear friend.

When we see Jesus on the cross we know that he suffered for our sins. He didn't deserve it, but we can see the reason behind the suffering. It was done for the good of all mankind.

Again, when we see Peter denying Jesus, being sifted like wheat, we can see the reason. It got him ready for his ministry, for the sermon at Pentecost and a life of never again denying his master.

But what about my brother suffering right now? I have no idea what the reason for this struggle is, and I may never know. It would be partially comforting (for me, at least) to know why God has placed this time in his life. What is he being prepared for? In what great way is God going to use this problem? We don't know and we may never know. We don't even know how big the problem is right now.

This is why Jesus prayed for Peter to have unfailing faith. It is when we don't know that we must believe. It is when things seem darkest that we must keep going. It is when our friends feel alone that we must show them they are not. It is when our brothers and sisters are on the precipice that growth happens, but that is where it is easiest to fall.

That's my prayer for my brother - that his faith will be unfailing.
And that's my job as his brother - to be ready to catch him if he fails.

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