Monday, April 13, 2009

What are you waiting for?

Yet another Easter just passed. Together with millions of our closest friends we celebrated the most amazing event that ever transpired. Anywhere. At any time.

It is not surprising that we could feel a little let down or left out afterwards. The disciples did. They had 40 days afterwards when Jesus hung out with them, ate with them and taught them (again) about the Kingdom of God. Then he left. He floated right up into the clouds - a fittingly amazing ext.

What was the disciples reaction? Something like this:

They stood there staring up into the sky, dumbfounded. They were waiting. They didn't know what it was, but they knew it was amazing. It was them. And it was amazing.

Jesus had talked to them about the Kingdom of God and told them that it wouldn't be easy to categorize or describe. But, Jesus did say it was in them. The time was quickly approaching for them to let the Kingdom out and to put it into practice.

As we see Easter 2009 getting smaller in the rearview mirror, we find ourselves in the same situation. We can start to wonder what is next. We can await something amazing. We can stand staring at the sky with our chins hanging down and our mouths gaping. We can ask our church leaders what they are doing next. Or we can be amazing. We can see the Kingdom inside of ourselves and let it out. We can stop waiting and start being.

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