Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Guy

Did you ever wonder what happened to the "other guy"? Two men were proposed to replace Judas, but only Matthias made the cut. Poor "Joseph called Barsabbas (also known as Justus)." First he is stuck with a name that is longer than some sentences, then he isn't chosen to take Judas' place. Instead, he goes down in history as missing out on being one of The Twelve.

Then again, because he was nominated, we know that he was a witness to all of Jesus' ministry. Scholars think he was one of the seventy-two who were sent out and some think he was one of Jesus' brothers. Some even name him as St. Justus of Eleutheropolis. (I bet you didn't know that, did you?)

I've often wondered what heaven would be like. Will there be people there who are upset by not being in the top 12? I'm thinking not. I'm thinking that just being in the presence of God will be more than enough to destroy our false notions of place and position. I'm thinking Justus felt the same way.

Do I?

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