Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peter's Point

When we read Peter's sermon in Acts 2, it is very common to focus only on verses 37-41. We look at the result. But how did Peter get to the result?

When I read it, I find myself reading verse 36 and cringing, especially at "whom you crucified." This verse makes it sound like everything that came before was just a set-up for Peter to lay the guilt on thick. "You did this. It is YOUR fault this innocent man was tortured and killed."

But that is just one verse, actually it is just one parenthetical phrase, amidst a lengthy description of the position and glory of Jesus. Too many sermons are flipped. They are filled with guilt and have only a little glory. (Actually, too many sermons have none of either.) Peter's pattern must be the pattern we take - a whole lotta praise and a tiny dose of hard truth.

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