Friday, March 20, 2009


Today, I looked for a secluded place to do some reading and writing. I found a quiet table by a window that seemed perfect. I got out my laptop and opened it up, then got out by Bible and opened that up. As I was flipping through the pages I heard a terrible, terrible sound. Kerplunk! A single drop of water fell from the pipes above and landed right on my illuminated keyboard, just below the tilde and above the tab. In a split-second my mind filled with fear, anger and action. Damage Control. I grabbed my microfiber cloth and then some napkins and quickly blotted up all the tiny water splotches that scattered seemingly everywhere from the single drop. My heart raced to think about the moisture sensors under the keyboard. Was there one in the top-left corner? Was my AppleCare now null and void? I’ll never know.

So much chaos over one little drop. It wasn’t like I spilled a cup of tea or got caught in a rainstorm, it was just one little drop. Why don’t I treat sin the same way? Why isn’t there the same intense reaction?

One drop of sin can get in the cracks of my life, just like my keyboard. It doesn’t just sit on the surface, it digs deep. And it doesn’t stay put. That on drop lands and splits and leaves traces all over my life - in my relationships with people, in my concept of self-worth and in my distance from God. So, why do I take so many precautions to keep drops away from my laptop, but let protection from sin fall by the wayside. Why do I scramble to clean up the little drops of water, but let the results of sin fester and grow under the surface.

Aren’t I more important than my laptop? Is it because I know Jesus has more grace than the Genius tech support guys do and I take advantage of that?

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