Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luke 9 - Intentional On the Job Training

Jesus calls the 12 together and gives them power and authority to teach and heal and cast out demons. They go out and turn Herod's kingdom upside-down, leading the king to think JtB was back from the dead. These guys seemed to really be getting it, they were world-changers.

Then they came back to Jesus and regaled him with stories of all they had done. You could see him with the proud papa face hearing about the wild adventures of his little ones. But, Jesus quickly switches back into mentor mode. When presented with 5,000 hungry men (and their families), Jesus tells the disciples, "You give them something to eat." If you just read this section, I could understand their bewilderment at such a suggestion. Remember, these guys had just been healing the sick and casting out demons. How could they let a little hunger be such a daunting obstacle?

So, Jesus takes small steps with them. What food do we already have? Split the people into small groups. Take it to God. He modeled for them what to do.

Now, who got those twelve basketfuls of broken pieces?

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