Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Luke 4 - Power

Jesus speaks and a demon is forced out of a man. That's power. On 24, the president (our symbol of power) speaks up against her capturer, a rogue foreign general. Her words aren't heeded, they only bring a slap to the face. In this situation, she's only brought words to a gun fight (that's more useless than a knife in this situation). The power of her words is limited. This is so contrary to Jesus, who shows unlimited power with His words.
I'm no president and I'm certainly no Jesus Jr. Yet, I sometimes think that my words have more power than God's. What do I mean by that? In certain situations I have trouble letting scripture stand alone. Why can't I just let it do it's work? Why must I constantly try to explain it to people? Do I trust my power more than God's? If the answer is no, why do I insist on using my words to explain His? The power of the Bible, its words, its narrative, its stories is more than enough.

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  1. Enjoying reading the posts - you've always had a great ability to communicate in effective ways. Don't think of yourself as trying to explain or replace His words - providing insight into how those words translate to today and what they mean in every day life is what I think a lot of people are looking for. Simple to remember, solid concepts based on scripture are easier for me to remember than verbatim memorization and I can carry that with me every day.

    Thanks, and keep up the Good Work!