Thursday, March 5, 2009

Luke 5 - Fishers of Men

Jesus tells Simon not to be afraid, because from now on he will catch men. That's what Jesus has called us to be - fishers of men. Yet, for some reason we call ourselves Christians or if we don't like that word we call ourselves "Christ Followers" because it sounds new, cool and different. But, that's not what Jesus calls us to do or to be. Following Him was just the beginning. It was the how, not the what. Why do we stop short? Why don't we focus on the ultimate goal? Is it because we think it is too hard? Is it because we are afraid like Simon? Or is it that we haven't been caught ourselves? Maybe we've been hooked or snared, but have we been reeled in and brought into the boat? Are we just a bunch of fish that are trailing behind the boat (followers if you will)? We need to start reeling people in.

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