Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luke 6 - Wapner, Judy, Alex, Joe Brown, Paula, Randy and Simon

I've explained before that when we are told not to judge people, that means that we aren't to try to determine if they are saved or not. I've said that judging doesn't mean recognizing sin, it just means condemning because of that sin. Well, Jesus talks about both. Here, he tells us not to judge and not to condemn. So, from what Jesus says: judging and condemning are two different things and we aren't supposed to do either one.

If judging someone isn't condemning them, what is it? If we see someone sinning and we call them on it, is that judging? Do we just turn a blind eye toward sin or speak about it in generalizations instead of directly on a personal level? It is really hard for me to accept that there isn't something we should do when confronted with sin on a personal level. Aha. I've found an assumption that needs to be RESET.
D'oh. This is starting to get hard.

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