Monday, March 23, 2009

Luke 9 - Now What?

So many times in life we are left asking the question: Now What? After huge things happen in our lives (good or bad). We may make the statement or have the thought, "This changes everything." So, what is the Biblical response to these ideas or statements?

At the end of Luke 9, Jesus invites a man to follow Him. The man replies that his father has just died, so he had to go and bury him. Jesus says the correct next step is to proclaim the kingdom of God.

In the beginning of the book of Acts, the disciples hear Jesus parting words that they will be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. Then, he is taken up into heaven and the disciples stand around slack-jawed, looking at the place where he disappeared. You could just hear them, "This changes everything!" "Now what?" As in response to their bewilderment, a couple angels show up and ask why they're just standing around. After all, there was a kingdom to proclaim and their job as witnesses had just started.

The same goes for us. What's your next step? To be a witness, to proclaim the kingdom.

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