Thursday, March 19, 2009

Luke 9 - More Teaching

Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do THE CROWDS say I am?”

Then he asks, “Who do YOU say I am?”

Inherent in this question is the fact that the disciple’s idea of Jesus should be different than everyone else’s. They’ve walked with Him; they’ve talked with Him; they’re being changed by Him. If their idea of Him was the same as the world’s then they had all been wasting their time. Their answer was personal, it wasn’t something that they had heard, it was something they lived.

What is my response to the question, “Who do you say I am?” Is it the answer from books that I’ve read or what my parents or my Sunday School teacher told me? Is it the latest, greatest from academia or the classic idea from one of the desert fathers? It should be none of those. I don’t say who my friends are based on their facebook page or by their biography. I know who they are because of relationship. Anything less in my understanding of Jesus is nothing at all.

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