Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Luke 4 - Angry, Tired and Alone

Jesus was all fired up, he just had his encounter with John and the Holy Spirit and must have been on top of the world. So, he goes out the the desert to move from peak to valley. Here, he goes without food for 40 days and obviously, is hungry. Then the tempter comes. This pattern is as true for each one of us as it is for Jesus. We go from a high to a low where we face some physical trials and then the Spiritual trials start. If we look, we can figure out what these physical traits are and look for help when we face them. Personally, I've got three things. When any two of these are present, I know I'm in for a fight. Angry, tired or alone. Pick any two and there is likely to be trouble. So, if you see me angry and tired or angry and alone or tired and alone (I guess you wouldn't see me if I was alone), urge me to get some sleep, talk me out of whatever is making me angry or just don't leave me alone. In the long run I'll appreciate it and the tempter won't. If you tell me your triggers I'll try to do the same.

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